Badges&pins processes / Coloring of die struck /Various pins effects 

Various mechanisms & assembling / Buckle, Key chain / Cufflink / Tie Clip / Other Metal Products 

Plating Colors / Fittings / Plastic Box / Ribbon Bar

About US

High-Grade Memorial Coin

Silicon Chip polish standard and Central Mint Technology. 

Mirror standard, Flatness 0.3um, Surface roughness: Ra0.01um

Vertical edge 90 degrees in flat or gears. 


Hydraulic press 300T to 500T

Products can be 27mm-76mm diameter.


Products can be made of 18-24 carat. sterling(92.5% silver), or 

brass or copper body with 0.25-0.30um carat (24 carat) plated

or more thicker carat plated.


Sweden special steel for our mirror moulds. 

Japan refined copper for mirror body.@